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My friend and I decided to go to a gun show, mostly because we’d never been. And also we were on the heels of a successful trip to a bodybuilding competition and felt like trying new things was our new thing to try.

In addition to lots of gun/blade/misc. weapons options, you can get “concealed carry” purses decorated with fake turquoise stones AND a big cross, which answers the question “What would Jesus do (with His gun)?” Obvs, he’d carry it in a purse.

And you could also purchase some jelly from this vendor. We spotted her apple tequila jelly and stopped to have a chat. She told a long story about how she got tipsy – tipsy! – from repeated tastings of the in-process jelly. “And that was before I even GOT to the brandied peaches!” was the conclusion to her narrative.

Anyway, after much careful consideration, we’ve decided our official position on gun shows is that we never have to go to another one ever again. (However, if we change our mind, there seems to be one in town about every couple of weeks.) (But we won’t change our mind.)

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 7.24.2022

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