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Maybe you saw that post the other day about our visit to Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba?

Photographing those dancers was an exhilarating experience – it was freeing to shoot without knowing what sorts of images I’d end up with. There was no time to frame up a “perfect” shot so it became a time to just let the camera do its thing and be surprised at the results. And sometimes the camera did a better job at seeing and capturing what was there than I could have ever done if I’d tried to get a particular image. And so, I’m just going to give photo credit here to my camera, which was smart enough to get a shot that captured the movement and the speed and the emotions of the dancers.

Thanks, camera, for doing all the real work here.

Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba
Havana, Cuba

photographed 11.11.2022

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  1. Wonderful creative vision Melinda. Especially in black and white.


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