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Diamonds in the rough

Do yourself a favor if you’re ever in the northeastern part of the Texas panhandle and stop in at the town of Canadian. I was there recently, for just a short time, and now I think I’ve developed a bit of crush on the whole town. The topography is different from what I am used to in Lubbock – which is to say they HAVE topography. There’s a vibrant downtown, a sign on the edge of town that lists the local festivals and the list is too long to read when you drive by, a designated cultural district, and a world-class art museum. And the artist Doug Ricketts is nearby; I am fortunate to own several pieces of his fabulous furniture.

I am already trying to figure out when I can get back up there for a couple of days…

But all that aside, it was a foggy, drippy day when I visited, which meant that I got see the little diamond-like drops of mist hanging on the chain-link fence around the town’s swimming pool. And here’s the thing – I go to a lot of little towns around this part of Texas and most of the town swimming pools are permanently closed down. So, kudos to Canadian: their pool is still open in the summer!

Canadian, Texas
photographed 12.27.2019

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