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Two Georgias

A nice way to spend a morning in Santa Fe is to visit the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. In case you were wondering.

This confusing image is the painting called “Church Steeple” reflected in the one called “My Last Door.” Here’s what they actually look like:

There was a woman at the museum who was on Skype; she’d stop in front of each painting and say, “And this one is ‘Church Steeple.’ And this one is…” all the way through each one of the galleries. Later, she was sitting on the bench in the main gallery and I heard her say, still on Skype, “That blue sky reminds me of our trip, and that’s one of my favorite memories.” A security guard said the woman’s mom was on hospice care and too ill to make it to the museum, so her daughter was Skyping the visit. It was a sad and lovely story.

Georgia O’Keeffe Musuem
Santa Fe, New Mexico
photographed 3.15.2019

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