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Tree, barely


I don’t know…there’s just something I like about a sky with just a hint of a tree at the bottom.

Here’s a similar photo from Fiji.

I am a child of the Plains – trees in large numbers make me nervous. And they block the view. That might explain my preference for shots with only the barest hint of a tree….

near Boulder City, Nevada
photographed 5.30.2009

It may not be an actual oasis


1. A fertile spot in a desert where water is found.
2. A pleasant or peaceful area or period in the midst of a difficult, troubled, or hectic place or situation.

Oasis Motel:

Neither of those things.

Google it, and you’ll see what I mean.

Or, why don’t I save you the trouble: “oasis motel las vegas deaths” just pops right up. And from there, you can find this fairly lurid piece about the place. You can read the entire article if you want, but I can tell you that the very best part is the 4th paragraph from the end – the one that starts with this sentence: “Dead bodies at the Oasis are not something that happens once every hundred years,” says lifetime Las Vegas resident and full time prostitute Michelle “Micki” Ramiriz.

And it just gets better from there. If you want to click over and read it now, I’ll wait….

So. How about that?

Bad news, though, if you wanted to stay there, as it appears the City of Las Vegas has shut the place down for code violations and “unabated prostitution”. But it’s still listed on Trip Advisor, where it got a 5-star review from someone who seems to have misunderstood the rating system.

Las Vegas, Nevada
photographed 5.29.2009

October 23

Fence sections at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas – when the fence is closed, the crooks make hearts. Cute, no?

Wedding Chapels, 1 of 5

photographed 5.29.2009

May 1

Looking south toward the Ruby Mountains.

east of Elko, Nevada

photographed 1.29.2005

April 20

Hello, and welcome once again to “What the hell is that?” Day here at the blog.

So…what the hell is it?

It’s striated sand and crystal clear water.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

photographed 9.2004

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