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Shopping Cart

It’s the same, always, unless it’s different.

This year, a red shopping cart was a nice addition.

But that train (which was there for at least two days) blocked the view of the mountains.

Target Marathon
Altuda, Texas
photographed 7.14.2018

Beer. Makes. Smart

One of my regular stops when I’m in the area. Every year there is something different to see. One of the things that caught my attention this time was the sticker-covered post out in front.

(This is generally known as Target Marathon – here’s what I wrote about it a couple of years ago.)

Target Marathon
Altuda, Texas
photographed 7.14.2018

Target Marathon (a guerrilla art installation)


So remember the other day when I posted a non-traditional view of the well-know Prada Marfa art installation?

This piece, known as Target Marathon, showed up one day this past January, and so far no one has claimed responsibility for it. I believe it is sort of an artistic middle finger thrown in the direction of Prada Marfa, which is about 80 miles away.

near Marathon, Texas
photographed 7.24.2016

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