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Toward the end, things were falling apart


This place is falling down, from the ground up.

And, to be honest, it’s also falling down from the roof down.

Young County, Texas
photographed 5.9.2016



Another view of this church, taken on the same day, over a year and a half ago.

I just went by this place at Christmas, and it looked about the same. Maybe a few more shingles have blown away, and perhaps the building’s succumbed to gravity just a tiny bit more. But, mostly – the same.

Only this happened, and it’s not the first time: scenes that I’ve photographed always seem much smaller when I see them again. What’s with that? Also this: I shoot in color and convert to monochrome. But once I’ve converted a photo, I have very little (or no) memory of what the colors used to be.

(My mind: it’s scary in here.)

Young County, Texas
photographed 5.27.2012

June 1

Along Highway 114 two abandoned churches face each other across an overgrown field. This is the older of the buildings; neither of them have any identifying signs.

Young County, Texas

photographed 5.27.2012

March 31

Altar flowers and a bug: through the window of the church.

Murray Methodist Church
Murray, Texas

photographed 3.24.2012

March 30

A rather Sphinx-like lamb atop a baby’s gravestone.

Tyra Cemetery
Young County, Texas

photographed 3.24.2012

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