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Bonus Post

In response to this cliche-ridden photo that I posted last week, and because of comments made by fellow bloggers (Ehpem and Brett Erickson, I am looking at both of you!), here’s a little game I like to call Can It Get More Cliched?

NM cliches

Checklist o’ Cliches:
Cactus, with tunas (the red bulb-like things)*
Ristra (string of dried red chiles)
Turquoise window frame
Blue sky
Puffy white clouds
Carved bench with rustic paint scheme*
Adobe building with tan stucco

So, yes, not only COULD it get more cliched, it just did. And, suddenly, that other shot doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

Thanks for playing.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

photographed 9.2.12

* Unfortunately, the judges did not grant my request for bonus points for the tunas on the cactus and the rustic paint scheme on the bench. They are very strict.

December 26


On the outskirts of Wink, Texas, the home of Roy Orbison. His first band, in fact, was called the Wink Westerners. You’ve probably heard of them.

You can see a couple of other views of Wink here and here. (These are the same buildings, taken about a year and half apart. Time has not been kind to Wink.)

Wink, Texas

photographed 9.4.2009

December 25



Castro County, Texas

photographed 1.29.12

December 24


As you leave town going south toward Alpine, there’s a sign on the highway that says “Pioneer Cemetery” with an arrow pointing west. If you take the path, which goes along a house or two and a barn, you’ll find what’s left of the cemetery.

near Fort Davis, Texas

photographed 4.16.2006

December 23


My favorite sign of all time.

FM 835
Lubbock County, Texas

photographed 1.12.2008

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