Tank army

There’s a particular exit on Interstate 20 a few miles west of Odessa that has always interested me, because from the road (and at highway speeds) it looks like every single thing there is abandoned and/or rusted. I’ve been driving past it for ages, and finally last month managed to remember to pull off the road and have a look around.

My highway-speed impression of the place was not wrong.

So you can just imagine how much I liked it there. (For a short time, until the body language of a shirtless, heavily-tattooed, shaved-headed man* watching me made it seem like it was time to get back on the road. Quickly.)

Penwell, Texas
photographed 7.15.2018

*No judgement with any of those things – just reporting what I saw.

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  1. Wow! Menacing….


  2. Excellent. And more importantly you got away.


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