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The joke is on The Joker

This seemed to be the only building in Penwell that wasn’t rusted. But that’s mostly (or, completely) because concrete blocks don’t rust.

But in any case, The Joker didn’t make it. It was the theme of the day, in Penwell.

Penwell, Texas
photographed 7.15.2018

Tank army

There’s a particular exit on Interstate 20 a few miles west of Odessa that has always interested me, because from the road (and at highway speeds) it looks like every single thing there is abandoned and/or rusted. I’ve been driving past it for ages, and finally last month managed to remember to pull off the road and have a look around.

My highway-speed impression of the place was not wrong.

So you can just imagine how much I liked it there. (For a short time, until the body language of a shirtless, heavily-tattooed, shaved-headed man* watching me made it seem like it was time to get back on the road. Quickly.)

Penwell, Texas
photographed 7.15.2018

*No judgement with any of those things – just reporting what I saw.

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