The more formal approach

While I am drawn to things that are falling apart or are otherwise not symmetrical, sometimes a formal arrangement does catch my attention. That’s what happened here, with the steps and the brick and the pattern on the doors and the shadows, all lining themselves up perfectly.

Big Spring Municipal Auditorium
Big Spring, Texas
photographed 11.23.2018

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  1. I too am a lover of symmetry (Charlotte thinks I’m a bit obsessional!), but I like the preciseness, the order and line of an image that has symmetry to it. Nice one, Mel.


    • Thank you, Andy. I knew I wanted this shot to be framed so that it was symmetrical and formal – that’s not usually something I do on purpose!

      (In our house, Larry is the one who is obsessed with symmetry.) (Not that I think YOU are obsessed.)


  2. Plus rectanges


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