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My friends are very good at being location scouts for me, and frequently I get advice from them about places they think I should visit. For at least a year now one of them has been telling me that I needed to deviate from my usual Lubbock-to-Santa Fe route to check out this town.

I finally took her advice, and hit the jackpot, photographically speaking.

Yeso, New Mexico
photographed 3.14.2019

PS: If you go, though, the frontier “musem” noted on the side of the building appears to be closed.

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  1. Score / Clues:
    Keep-out sign – 1
    Welcome mat – 0


    • Don’t tell anyone, but we did step inside the building – there was an open door around back, and that’s how I know there’s a pink refrigerator inside and also how I know that if you look through the hole in the floor, there’s a view all the way down into a cistern….


  2. Love it. Guess no one knew what a “Musem” was and afraid to find out.


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