It was an urgent situation

An overnight fire took out three businesses, which is sort of a large percentage of overall businesses in this town.

You didn’t ask, but I am going to tell you anyway. The fact that yesterday’s post was a fire-damaged building and so is today’s is a complete coincidence. My workflow is not nearly organized enough to plan out something like that.

You didn’t ask about this either, but I want to say that the businesses that were destroyed – Klemke’s Sausage Haus, Klemke’s Antiques, and the Slaton Family Medical Center – were well-established local outfits, and all of them had been in business for around thirty years. Small-town Texas showed the good side of itself after this fire: there are two different GoFundMe campaigns to help the destroyed businesses. And the town is hosting a street dance and fireworks show on July 6, with proceeds to benefit the businesses. Way to go, Slaton!

Slaton, Texas
photographed 6.16.2019

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  1. Terrible!


  2. The best of human nature comes to the fore. Reminds me of a story from years ago: a very well loved and well respected person who lived on the shores of Seneca Lake in western New York state returned home from an evening out to find his house burned to the ground. In less than a month, the local Mennonite community built him a modest, but very nice house on the same ground. The homeowner is not a Mennonite.


  3. Sometimes it takes a tragedy for us to realize how much good there can be in people. Headlines only tell part of the story…sometimes not even that. Thanks for sharing, Melinda.


  4. Sorry to hear about about the fire … so good to hear that people are helping


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