1950 (or 1925)

I didn’t know it when I set out, but finding this church is the whole reason for taking the back roads last Saturday.

Up here on the High Plains, almost all the roads are set up on a straight north-south/east-west grid (except for curves to avoid playa lakes), and the buildings are built parallel to the roads. And then there was this church set at an angle to the road. It was a bright surprise.

Lubbock County, Texas
photographed 8.10.2019

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  1. Or 2019. How difficult to know what time it is when there is so little change.


    • I wonder what happened – those two signs with dates make me wonder if they intended to put one out every 25 years, or if those two dates were important and just happened to land 25 years apart.

      But you’re right – there is very little change going on. Except painting the place. They’re doing a fine job keeping it painted.

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