Yes, I kept out

One thing I believe almost more than I believe anything else is that “keep out” and “no trespassing” signs should be believed.

I was discussing that once with my granddaughter, the fabulous Miss Hannah Harvey, who asked me if that knowledge came from “personal experience” or not. She’s 12, but she’s perceptive.

Thornhill, New Mexico
photographed 9.7.2019

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  1. I would have kept out too!


  2. I wonder what you would have found, had you disobeyed….interesting images or the wrong end of a gun….


  3. I wonder how the rest of that conversation with the fabulous Miss Hannah went. For the record I, too, believe those signs.


  4. Awesome, and it makes me want to hear more!


  5. Hmm .. I would have stayed out too 🙂


  6. You inspired me to dig up my own No Trespassing photo (from a trip to Colorado last year) and that in turn inspired a whole stream of consciousness about openness. Thanks for being my muse!


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