Healing Mission

I’ll end the year right here, with an image from the vestibule of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, from our November tour of Texas’s painted churches.

Today completes ten full years of daily photo posts. When I started, on January 1, 2009, my plan was to try to get through one year. I did, and had five followers at the end of the year.  Yes! Five!! In spite of that less than impressive start, I stuck with it. I’m glad I did, and I hope you are, too.

Today is also a sad day, as it marks 14 years since my mom’s sudden death, so I am going to spend the day thinking about her.

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
Ammannsville, Texas
photographed 11.25.2019

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  1. Be gentle to yourself, Melinda


  2. I am very glad you stuck with it. Please keep at it. I’ll bet you have more than five followers now. And give yourself a good grace to feel the feelings you feel.


  3. A very bittersweet anniversary. Amazing and sad that your dream flashed the name of that hospital piece of equipment. Your description of the events is palpable in your writing.Have happy thoughts of the wonderful mom she was.

    She would be proud for all you have done photographically and that you persevered despite the slow momentum. Here’s to another ten years.


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