as the sun sets on another dying town

Someone’s big dreams landed here, in the early 1900s. The town was platted, named then renamed, and there was a post office, a general store and hotel, a blacksmith shop, and a church or two, and even according to one account, a doctor – all there in hopes of benefiting from the future railroad. And then (you know how this goes), the railroad failed to materialize. The town hung on for a while but started to fade away.

The official population of the place is listed at 10.

Vigo Park, Texas
photographed 12.26.2019

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  1. You can’t accurately count chickens until after they have hatched. By the way, snazzy new copyright line.


  2. A population of 10! No! Super pic. Love the sky …


  3. Melinda, the picture is exquisite, and the contextual description makes it even more accessible. Your talent with words compliments your photographic skills. Love it. Here’s to lots more in 2020.


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