All the diamonds

My college boyfriend – let’s call him “Steve”* – and I spent a weekend in this town back in the day. His grandmother lived here and so did an aunt and we went to visit. My only clear recollections of that trip are that Steve and I climbed up the cliff behind the town and that his grandmother said I looked like Haley Mills. (Editor: Nope. I did not look one bit like Haley Mills. Maybe she told all of Steve’s girlfriends that story.)

The other thing I learned is that the town’s name, as pronounced by the locals, is “Santy Anna” with the words sort of mashed together into one.

And this? This is the side entrance to the church.

First United Methodist Church
Santa Anna, Texas
photographed 2.17.2020

*The main reason we should call him Steve is that was his actual name.

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  1. I want to think “Santy Annie.”


  2. Nice window dressing. Just for the record…that ain’t me. She probably said that about all his girlfriends.


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