Natural Processes

We’ve all got to pee, and we’re all going to die. And it’s all right here, in the disturbingly-named Baby Head Cemetery.

Baby Head Cemetery
Llano County, Texas
photographed 2.16.2020

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  1. Well, that is definitely a disturbing name for a cemetery…


  2. Photographically, it’s beautiful, but it is extremely taxing to solve the implicit mystery.


  3. A most disturbing name…..


  4. Reading the history of Baby Head, the mountain and the community, it struck me how fortunate we are in New England that most of our towns, villages, and cities have lasted through the years. Out west you have seen a lot of towns disappear or dwindle to scant individuals.

    It is is a well-framed composition and even the porta potty looks…well not lovely but not bad either.


    • Thanks for reading more about the place; it always makes me feel to know the post sparked someone’s interest.

      Towns still vanish on a regular basis out here, which is good for my photographic interests, but is also sort of hard to even comprehend.


      • I’ve read the stories and seen the movies, but yes it is hard to comprehend how a town full of people turns into emptiness.


      • my observation is that it starts to happen so slowly that it’s unnoticeable for a while. And that’s usually when it’s too late.

        Back in the early 1970s, my grandfather mentioned that when towns lost their school, the town would be unable to survive; that was just when rural counties out in this part of Texas were starting to consolidate the schools. Anyway, he was right.

        In this part of Texas, there is little financial incentive to stay in the small towns. There aren’t jobs (except maybe the boom-or-bust oilfield ones), there’s no place to shop, no doctors, and so on. The residents who stay are often older, disabled, living in poverty, in homes in need of repair, etc. This creates a demographic of older people in these little towns, often without families around to help them, and a lack of social services for assistance.

        (You may be sorry you even mentioned anything!)


      • Nope, not sorry at all. That’s something I know little about so learning is good.I appreciate your explanation of how that happens.

        You may have noticed that I like to share songs. I think >a href=””>this one is appropriate for the topic.


      • Ooh! Iris Dement – I hadn’t thought about her in a while, and she was my soundtrack while I was working on a writing project yesterday afternoon.

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      • Glad you enjoyed that. She’s a favorite.


      • I did. Thanks again for the link.

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  5. Oops. I turned the greater/less than symbol around. Try this… this one

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