This hospital closed for good in 2001. According to this article, at the time it closed, the hospital was the second-largest employer in town, with about 120 employees. The town itself had, at the time, about 2,200 residents, so the loss of that many jobs must have damaged the town’s economy in ways that are still being felt nearly twenty years later.

And, all these years later, there is still some stuff lying around. At this point, I guess it’s safe to assume it’ll just be here forever.

Hale Center, Texas
photographed 6.28.2020

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  1. The places you and your camera find, Melinda, are intriguing.


  2. And here I was under the impression that Texas didn’t have enough hospital capacity! I should have known that Texas has extra of everything.


  3. I am endlessly curious as to why buildings and their insides are so disposable. Everything just left to rot. So strange…


  4. Erm….you went in?


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