When I was in Roswell, I skipped going to the famous (or famous-ish) International UFO Museum and Research Center and Gift Shop*, **. Instead I visited the dead-airplane repository out at the airport. Part of the place had airplanes that were more or less intact (including an Emirates Air 747, which was definitely not something I thought I’d ever see at all, let alone see in Roswell), but there was also the Fuselage Department (I made that name up)(which you probably already figured out) pictured here. And there was the Pieces of Engines Division. And, of course, the Bureau of Random Pieces. And some other stuff I didn’t make up names for.

It’s hard to imagine the space alien museum being more interesting or photogenic than this old stuff.

Roswell, New Mexico
photographed 5.22.2021

*I love that they were honest and included “gift shop” in the name.
**There’s a big event there at the museum (and gift shop) July 1-4, so you’ve still got time to make your travel plans.

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  1. I’ve seen the Pieces of Engines Division. And, of course, the Bureau of Random Pieces on a Scottish hillside…..


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