Because I am out of commission for a while (I got a new knee the other day), I spent a couple of month’s of weekends photographing like a crazy person – I wanted to have enough images to stock the blog during recuperation. I felt like I owed that to my reader(s).

So, on one of those drive-abouts, I went to Earth. The town of Earth, I mean. And while I was there, I spotted the elusive street-stove!

Earth, Texas
photographed 6.6.2021

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  1. That stove has seen better days! Look after your new knee, and do the exercises they tell you to do….it will very much help your mobility in the days, weeks and months to come…..and you want to be out photographing, right?


    • When I had my other knee replaced the physical therapist said, “What do you want to be able to do that you can’t do right now.” I told him I was tired of taking all my photos from my own eye level and that I wanted to be able to get lower for some shots. He worked with me then…and now “taking photos” is actually part of the daily activities he’s assigned me. He’s the best PT ever.

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  2. Those are hard to find! Hope you heal well…take care!


    • Yes they ARE hard to find! How lucky I was to spot this one, and in broad daylight, too!

      Healing going well so far, though that’s not to say I’ll have weepy spells…But I guess I sort of have those anyway, even without surgery.


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