the opposite of the expected

Memphis. I went to Memphis. I didn’t have an intention of going to see Graceland, because I don’t care.

But the last day there, I thought that perhaps a drive past Graceland might yield something that wasn’t Elvis-driven fanciness. And I was richly rewarded by this flea market.

And, also, I had this John Hiatt song in my head all day. Because that’s the way my head functions.

Elvis Presley Boulevard
Memphis, Tennessee
photographed 12.28.2021

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  1. Great image, lot going on there. I can see why the John Hiatt song was in your head, Sonny Landreth is brilliant slide guitar player, have a couple of his albums.


    • Thank you. I sort of think THIS was the image that made the whole trip worth it!!

      I’ve seen John Hiatt and Lyle Lovett in concert together two times – what a great evening. They chat and swap songs and it sort of feels like they have invited you into their living room.


  2. Love this photo. It’s always interesting to see how people try to monetize Elvis’ name in Memphis. Thanks for sharing!


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