the world as we knew it, 1

I’m coming off a year of personal loss. I can see that the universe is filling in those gaps, in some unexpected ways, in some ways that are delightful, in some ways that matter both personally and professionally. And that makes it feel like I’ll get through it and be a better person than I would have been.

But there are other things, politics most particularly, that are leaving me reeling, that make me sad and frightened, and unsettled.

This photo, one of my experimental intentional camera movement shots, represents the way I feel. Things I understood and that I thought were unchangeable are shifting, changing, disappearing, becoming almost unrecognizable.

Chicago, Illinois
photographed 6.28.2022

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  1. Melinda, I feel from your words and visual illustration here, the emotion of your life experiences. Please know that I’m now praying for you, that God bless you were you need it most during this time and season of your life. Great artistic expression by the way.


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