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what happened to the Sandovals

This is where the Sandovals ended up, in case you were wondering.

Also, Billy the Kid ended up here.

Fort Sumner, New Mexico
photographed 3.14.2019

The Goal

I’ve been through Fort Sumner, New Mexico, hundreds of times. And never once left the main route through town. So last spring, when I was returning home from a photography weekend with a friend, I did it: I drove down a couple of side streets.

I saw this. And stopped to photograph it.

And heard a very loud argument coming from a nearby house. Maybe you’ve heard this kind of argument – where you can’t quite make out the words, but the emotions are quite clear. Anyway, it seemed like maybe leaving right away was in my best interest, as I didn’t really feel like getting caught up in a gunfight* or anything.

But now I’m intrigued by what else might need photographed…

Fort Sumner, New Mexico
photographed 3.25.2018

*After all, I was in the town where Billy the Kid was killed.

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