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Cusp of the Storm

In just a matter of minutes, the weather changed. The thin grey clouds became low and heavy. The wind picked up, whipping the Spanish moss around. The trees groaned against the storm. And the photographer was very content with the entire situation.

St. Charles Borromeo Cemetery
Grand Coteau, Louisiana
photographed 10.22.2017

Equipped laundry

I guess having Maytag equipment at a laundromat is necessarily a guarantee of success: this one was out of business.

Grand Coteau, Louisiana
photographed 10.22.2017

In the heart of syrup country

That really is quite a bit of syrup, isn’t it?

I did the math so you didn’t have to. Those three barrels of syrup represent 800, 736 cups. Or 12,811,776 tablespoons.

Abbeville, Louisiana
photographed 10.21.2017

I Shall Not Want

I recently spent some time in Louisiana, shooting for a long-term project that may actually be nearly done.

And, naturally, while i was working on that, I kept my eyes open for other things to photograph. Like the inside of this tomb.

Old St. Ann’s Cemetery
Mamou, Louisiana
photographed 10.22.2017

The chair outreach was particularly successful


Those chairs! What a great group of seating choices. From the looks of the porch, I am going to assume that the Zion Community Outreach outreaches to furniture, with a particular emphasis on chairs.

St. Mary Parish, Louisiana
photographed 1.9.2016

(And also: it reminded me of these Canadian chairs.)

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