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As the harvest moon rose

The very bright moon was lighting up the hillside as the sky tried to darken.

(There were two people standing there with us as the moon slid up into view. No one spoke. When the moon had cleared the hill, they turned and walked away. It was simple and profound.)

Palouse, Washington
photographed 9.3.2020

Lake Night (with Sagittarius)

We spent three nights at an excellent VRBO just across the street from Sanders Beach. The Patient Spouse went scuba diving in the lake one morning and the next evening I made some night photos. I was a little hampered by the exceedingly bright almost-full moon, but I was able to capture Sagittarius and just the tiniest hint of the Milky Way.

Sanders Beach
Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
photographed 8.31.2020

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