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goats and a dog and Vincenzo

After we played with baby goats and looked at grown-up goats and tasted cheese, we got to watch the Vincenzo and his dogs lead the goats down a mountain and up the other side to the place where they’d spend the day grazing.

As an aside – my mom grew up in the part of Texas where ranchers raise a lot of goats. She had very fond memories of how cute baby goats are and had quite a few stories about their antics. After this morning with goats, I could definitely better understand her point.

near San Biagio Platini
photographed 9.6.2022

grooming essentials

I posted a portrait of a goat a few days ago. I mean, it wasn’t just any goat – it’s the breed (Capre Girgentane) that’s indigenous to the Agrigento provide of Sicily. We went to see the goats and to taste a variety of cheeses made from their milk. Naturally, while we were in the cheese room, I took the opportunity to look at what else was there. I have an interest in seeing what’s just past the obvious, in seeing the mundane things that have to happen in order for the main thing to work, in noticing easily-overlook details.

And that’s how I found this humble – and also beautiful, to me – scene. (I’d be lying if I said I noticed that footprint on the wall when I took the picture. As much as I think I’m a good observer of details, I am not THAT good…)

near San Biagio Platini
photographed 9.6.2022

behold: the goat

In late August of 2021, I was in Boston and had lunch with my friend Don Toothaker; he was very excited to tell me about a photo adventure to Sicily that he was planning. The thing that stuck with me (other than his unbridled enthusiasm) was when he said, “We’ll see goat cheese in the markets AND then GO SEE THE GOATS.” I was intrigued, even though it took me nearly a half a year to talk myself into taking the trip.

Don’s enthusiasm for the trip was not misplaced or exaggerated. Going on the trip was definitely one of the smarter decisions I’ve ever made.*

And look! Here’s the goat I’d been promised. The breed is Girgenti; they are indigenous to the Sicilian province of Agrigento. And they will be your best friend if you scratch their heads just behind their horns.

near San Biagio Platini, Sicily
photographed 6.6.2022

*Not that there is necessarily a lot of competition.

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