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behold: the goat

In late August of 2021, I was in Boston and had lunch with my friend Don Toothaker; he was very excited to tell me about a photo adventure to Sicily that he was planning. The thing that stuck with me (other than his unbridled enthusiasm) was when he said, “We’ll see goat cheese in the markets AND then GO SEE THE GOATS.” I was intrigued, even though it took me nearly a half a year to talk myself into taking the trip.

Don’s enthusiasm for the trip was not misplaced or exaggerated. Going on the trip was definitely one of the smarter decisions I’ve ever made.*

And look! Here’s the goat I’d been promised. The breed is Girgenti; they are indigenous to the Sicilian province of Agrigento. And they will be your best friend if you scratch their heads just behind their horns.

near San Biagio Platini, Sicily
photographed 6.6.2022

*Not that there is necessarily a lot of competition.

A Grand Space

If you are in Boston and you are hanging out with your photographer friend and he says you “have” to go see (and photograph) the Boston Public Library, you’d be an idiot to disregard those words.

About a million thank-yous to my friend Don Toothaker for his very sound advice. I never would have given the library a second thought; Don’s other advice was to slow down and look at the details. I did that, too, but it’s the feeling of this spectacular space that has stayed with me. It’s so classic, so classical, so hushed. Kind of like church, only with books and reading tables. And fewer hymns.

Bates Hall
Boston Public Library
photographed 9.3.2021


If you know anything at all about my photographic eye, you probably know that it’s drawn to the things that are worn out, broken, used up, less than beautiful, easily overlooked.

And that’s why, when I was in the beautiful Beacon Hill neighborhood, I photographed what was left of these leaves after something had snacked on them.

Beacon Hill
photographed 8.28.2021

Dividing Line

Remember a couple of days ago when I mentioned that I was taking a class which required the use of a 50mm lens?

The class was a photo walk through Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood followed by an image review a couple of days later. The photo walk wasn’t the reason I went to Boston, but it was a happy coincidence. It’s hard to beat a nice Saturday morning with some new photographer friends making images of an iconic location. My pal Don Toothaker was our leader; you’ll never meet someone who is more enthusiastic about photography, about Boston, and about life in general than Don. The day was a delight.

Oh, and this? A detail of one of hundreds of wrought-iron gates that we walked by.

Beacon Hill
photographed 8.28.2021

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