Exhaust fan, alternate version

I passed through Vaughn two times, back in March, and both times I was in too much of a hurry to stop and look around. I did spot an especially attractive out-of-business gas station my first time through, and knew if I ever got back over there, it would be on my list of Things I Needed to Explore.

It did not disappoint.

To be clear: I have a set of rules that I follow when I’m photographing places like this. One of those rules is that I never rearrange anything to make the shot “better.” This was exactly how I found it, and I had a good laugh (out loud!) while I thought about exhaust fans.

Vaughn, New Mexico
photographed 2.25.2019

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  1. Interesting find. I’m not a huge fan of exhaust, myself.


  2. I imagine you did laugh, Melinda!


  3. Just too good to pass up for sure. We appreciate your dedication MGH.


  4. I may be guilty here… great find.


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