the quest for perfection

I guess I’m sidling my way into being a street photographer?

Hot Springs, Arkansas
photographed 10.7.2018

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  1. I guess we are sliding with you. It is obvious the ice cream is good as the workers look as if they “ taste test “ for quality assurance. I am willing to assist them !


  2. I don’t know about Arkansas, but we’re in the 90’s here in WMass and that ice cream would do wonders to refresh us. Look at all those sugar cones just waiting to be filled. Looks like Paradice to me.


    • At this moment, I am in the Texas Panhandle, and it’s 96 degrees. Ice cream would hit the spot…

      (I was in Arkansas in the fall, and it was a warm enough day that there was a bit of a line at the ice cream store.)


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