Why, yes, I do often use a thesaurus. How else would I have come up with “ecdysis”?

Taiban, New Mexico
photographed 9.1.2019

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  1. Erm….what exactly is the biological process here???


  2. And a very good word it is too!


  3. This brings me back to a comment I made quite some time ago. Something about when either the paint or the stucco comes off the building would fall down. So, what exactly is holding this up?


  4. I think I see little bits of exuviae lying about.


  5. I have been there, although I don’t remember that building. While driving through, I wondered how such a small, seemingly deserted town, could support an active U.S. Post Office.


    • This place is just west of the post office. Also, in case you need to buy a stamp or something the next time you’re through there, the post office is only open two hours a day.

      And I wonder the same thing about the post office….


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