This place? Again?

There’s really just one thing of photographic interest in this tiny town – that old church building – and it’s been photographed within an inch of its life. I’ve posted a lot of images of it over the years, making me complicit in the crime of over-shooting.

The last time I was through town, I decided to do something completely unprecedented: I turned off the highway on the other whole side of town* from the church and made some photos. But then, the old place drew me in, and I walked down a dirt road for an unobstructed view. Like every other photographer who’s been here, I just can’t look away.

Taiban, New Mexico
photographed 9.2.2019

*”Other whole side of town” = about two blocks.

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  1. When you have a good subject, just keep shooting!


  2. If the place calls to you, best answer.


  3. Your loyal followers would/do the same thing !


  4. I fully understand how you are drawn and pulled in, better not resist!


  5. I shoot some locations repeatedly. Every once in a while something unexpected adds to the appeal. If a place is interesting keep shooting. Resistance is futile.


    • It is indeed futile. I prove that every single time I go through there!

      One of these days, that church is going to fall the rest of the way over, or burn down, or something. The photography community in this part of the country will be traumatized! When that happens I have a plan to produce a pop-up photo show where everyone can hang their photos of the church. The repetition will be….stunning.


  6. You’re not alone. Lately I have been drawn back and occasionally invited back to photograph places I once roamed in my childhood which were once vibrant and happening places, now abandoned and decaying in dismay.


  7. I drove through Taiban at the end of April, 2017. I pulled in to the parking area of the iconic church just behind a young lady driving a huge pickup with duelies. She asked if I would hold off for an hour or so as she wanted to take some selfie nudes. I explained that I was merely driving through and only wanted a couple shots of the church. She acquiesced, although declined my most gracious offer to help with her project. It was an encounter I’ll not soon forget.
    The August 2019, Issue 134, pg 65, published a photo of the church very similar to one of mine.


    • Wow! What a story!

      An hour seems like a pretty long time to shoot nude selfies, but what do I know? And I am sure the only reason she declined your offer of assistance is that it would mean the photos would no longer qualify as “selfies.”

      Your Downtown Taiban shot is very nice – I have a photo of the back of that same building.


  8. The magazine is Black & White. I must proofread my stuff more carefully.


  9. Keep going … it’s special! 🙂


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