into wonder

I don’t suppose I will ever tire of visiting these churches, where mysteries are concealed and revealed by the changing light and shadow.

Sts. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church
Dubina, Texas
photographed 11.24.2019

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  1. Simply superb Melinda. You see things in a way I no longer see them. For example, here in Chicago I always like to see the pictures from a first time visitor because they see things with new eyes.


    • Thank you so much, Frank.

      I will be in Chicago later this year for a conference, so maybe I need to come by your church and photograph it?


      • Yes, Melinda, I’d be interested to see what you might do with that. In fact, there are just short of 300 churches in the Chicago archdiocese to choose from as well. When you say later this year, do you mean next year, as there are only a couple weeks left to 2019, In any event, just let me know. ….


      • When I say “later this year” I actually mean August 2020! I realized what I wrote when I was driving to work this morning – I have a long-ish drive so there’s plenty of time for my mind to wander around so that’s where it landed this morning.

        At any rate, I may need to stay over for an additional…month…to get to all ~300 churches!

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      • No worries, Melinda, I knew what you meant .. just ribbing you. Keep in touch … .


  2. Although I am not an observer of any religion, I always feel the spirituality of churches and other places of worship where people express their beliefs in the architecture of their being and hopes for eternal life. They are one of the few human created subjects I am attracted to for photography and I have been enjoying your images of the interiors and the way you are capturing a special light while there.


  3. You do capture some great light!


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