The Establishing Shot


Don’t worry about addresses if you want to take a drive to see the painted churches in Texas. All you’ll need is a list of towns. And a good map*, I guess – some of these towns are off the main routes. Even with hills and trees to block long views, you’ll still be easily able to spot the tall spires reaching skyward.

Other than this church, the town of Ammannsville consists of the church hall, a cotton gin, and a few houses. Oh, and a very large cemetery. This building is actually the third one on the site – the original church was completed in 1890 and subsequently destroyed in 1909 by hurricane. The replacement church was destroyed by fire soon after its completion, and the current church was completed at some unspecified date.

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
Ammannsville, Texas
photographed 11.25.2019

*Yes, I am that person who carries a highlighter along with the giant book o’ maps so I can mark the roads I’ve traveled.

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  1. Sometimes, on the prairies at least, all that’s left standing of a town is the old church. Someday I will take the time to find them and record them before they crumble to dust.

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  2. Of course, in Kimball, Nebraska, the spire turns out to be a Titan II missile.


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