the future approaches

Here’s our situation, conveniently located within one photograph: an almost-gone farmhouse and so many wind turbines I can’t even count them.

Also – and I won’t divulge how I know this – that field was a lot muddier than it looked.

Wastella*, Texas
photographed 2.15.2020

*Yes, that is the actual name of the place. Apparently the town’s founder named it for his daughter, Wastella. My question is who in the hell would give their child a name like that??!?

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  1. Pretty sure I know how you knew that just like I was pretty sure what happened in my post yesterday was going to happen. But it’s okay, we’re photographers. I think people pretty much w expect us to do the things we do.

    Some names just defy imagination or reason. I knew someone who named her daughter Clothilde. I am sure you can guess the poor little girl’s nickname.


    • We do this stuff because we’ve gotta do this stuff, right? I never notice people’s reactions to seeing me shooting, but the Patient Spouse reports there are a lot of double looks, as people try to figure what I’m looking at that warrants a photo…

      Yeah, that poor kid.

      Also, how’s your knee?!

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      • Well, if we don’t who would? Someone has to. Funny about people’s wondering. I was shooting a landscape in a local park, basically making an image of a rock, when someone pulled up and asked what I was photographing. There are lots of deer there and most people cruise looking for them and I am sure that’s what this person was hoping. When I pointed at the rock her face fell in disappointment…or disbelief. If you’re curious.

        Warm and dry jeans made a big difference. It’s still arthritic but not as sore. Thanks for asking.


      • …and is that some kind of spider web in the bottom of the image?

        ANYONE can take a photo of deer, but it takes someone who sees deeper to spot something like that rock – thanks for being that person.

        I have crappy knees – well, crappy knee, as I have had one replaced – so I am sympathetic to knee stuff.

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      • Yes, it’s a sheet web but I cannot tell you the species of spider that made it. There are several it could be.

        Thanks, I appreciate the comment on vision. I do try to capture things, landscapes or critters or plants or…, that the average person might overlook. I know of another such photographer. 🙂

        Joint replacement is among those things in this life I do not want to experience. I am sorry to hear that you did. It is something that a lot of us have done. I guess it’s the result of longer life expectancy and all those bumps we take along the way. I hope that you have fully recovered and move without discomfort…even dance if you care to.


      • Thank you for noticing that I try to capture generally-overlooked things.

        I have recovered from the knee surgery, although it was a bit of a struggle there for a while. (My Patient Spouse will back me up on that!) I got a tattoo on the scar because…well, because I wanted to. And life goes on.

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  2. This is a very powerful photo. The title really fits. It does look like monsters marching toward the old house. Reminds me of War of the Worlds. Even though I am not a Sam A, I am confident when I say “this is a great photo”. LarHar


  3. A tad wasted at Wastella…..


  4. Always farming territory, just a different crop.


  5. Maybe Stella cried a lot? You know…Wah!! Stella!! (sorry, very bad of me…)


  6. Indeed – why don’t parents stop to think about giving their child a name they will be happy to own. The dilapidation is sad.


  7. By all means, pretty it up. It’s a badge of endurance.


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