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Past, future

I drove over to Grassland, Texas, the other day. I didn’t actually know there was such a place, or go there on purpose – it’s just that it was on the way to see that swing set I mentioned a few days ago (and which is now only two short days away from its blog debut!). Anyway, there’s not a whole lot in Grassland, Texas. There’s a wind farm nearby, though, which is probably going to make the future there look a lot different from the past.

Grassland, Texas
photographed 7.28.2018


Along this ridge, south of Sweetwater, there are literally too many wind turbines to count.

(See those crooked white lines that look like giant sutures? Turbines. See what I mean?)

near Nolan, Texas
photographed 2.24.2018

Past and Future Do Not Meet


The school in McAdoo closed in 1985, when it merged with the school in Spur, 25 miles away.

The wind farm came in 2008. By then, of course, it was too late.

McAdoo, Texas
photographed 7.3.2015

September 15

Wind Farm
Crosby County, Texas

photographed 5.27.12

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