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The place was at a crossroads

This old school – now without either students or a roof – is caught right there between the agricultural past and the wind-energy future.

Borden County, Texas
photographed 10.20.2018

Yield: this is bigger than all of us

I took a bit of a road trip the other day, down a small farm road. I was surprised by how many wind turbines had sprouted in the fields.

Borden County, Texas
photographed 10.20.2018


Along this ridge, south of Sweetwater, there are literally too many wind turbines to count.

(See those crooked white lines that look like giant sutures? Turbines. See what I mean?)

near Nolan, Texas
photographed 2.24.2018

Wind energy


The ruins of a roadside business frame the future – there are so many wind farms in this part of the state that it’s impossible to count the towers.

Nolan County, Texas

photographed 1.19.2009

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