Way back in the dark ages, before we starting stockpiling toilet paper* someone was concerned enough about window frames to lay in a supply. Those were indeed simpler times.

Santa Anna, Texas
photographed 2.17.2020

*You know, like a week and a half ago.

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  1. I read your blogs every morning and I enjoy them very much!


  2. Maybe window screens from an age before central air conditioning?


  3. You can never have too many eagles and you can never have too many screens.


  4. I was wondering where they all went…


  5. That ceiling doesn’t look too healthy….


  6. I thought this place had a few windows and doors hanging out but that’s nothing compared to your find here. That must be pretty easy to inventory they are so neatly stacked.

    Yeah, what Sue said…I wouldn’t go in there if I was you. Times are weird now but I guess you don’t have to worry about social distancing where you go.


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