One Down

The plan was that I would spend some quality time looking at this place – a farmhouse that was (marginally) still standing and the already-collapsed barn beside it.

The wasps thought otherwise.

The rough stucco walls seemed to be a place where wasps enjoyed building nests. Lots of nests. Lots and lots of wasps. And they were pissed at my arrival. A few of them followed me all the way back to the car, buzzing in their wasp language, “And STAY out.”

As a result, this is just about all I photographed. I know when to give up.

Lynn County, Texas
photographed 3.24.2020

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  1. Don’t mess with wasps!


  2. HELLOOOOOOO! Wasps can be nasty.


  3. I am reminded of a company picnic years ago. I was holding a burger in my hand while animatedly talking to others — then I took a bite of the burger not noticing that a wasp landed on it.


  4. Good idea giving up … years ago while using a weed eater I just about stood on a nest and got chased up the hill for my efforts! Don’t think I have ever run so fast .. didn’t get stung either 🙂


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