Slot Canyon

I guess you can call it a slot canyon, this narrow slice of dirt between two buildings. It’s also a nice repository for tumbleweeds, for sure, and possibly snakes. I did not investigate the snake situation, as my snake boots were, well, I don’t even HAVE snake boots….

near New Home, Texas
photographed 3.24.2020

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  1. Oh, yeeeess!! Nice bit of dereliction…..


  2. Among landscape photographers who visit the canyons there is always the challenge to get something different. You’ve done it by Jove. Looks like a nice day with puffy clouds.


    • It’s my answer to all of those photos from the slot canyons in Arizona or Utah or wherever they are – you know the ones I mean, I’m sure. All the photos look the same.


      • Yes, those were the ones I was referring too.There are subtle difference but yeah, very similar. If someone looks hard enough and manages the light in a unique manner, then they have something but otherwise…meh.


  3. I believe that Texas is not just another state; it is another world.


  4. I’ve never heard of snake boots, but I guess you’d need them, yeah. But this is one of those seen but never noticed moments in life.


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