Farnsworth’s Porch

When I was in architecture school, we had to draft perspectives by hand using very long straightedges and vanishing points that were (usually) so far away they were literally off the paper. And if you didn’t get it set up the right way from the beginning, you’d end up with a goofy perspective that flattened things to the point that some of the architectural elements became ridiculous.

I was terrible at setting up perspectives back then; it’s good to know that I can still fuck it up, even with a camera! Yay, me!!

Farnsworth House
Plano, Illinois
photographed 6.24.2018

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  1. I like this (And your) perspective quite a bit! 🙂


  2. I suspect that porch would get more use if they screened it in 😀


  3. Well that’s one take (or perspective) on it lol. Nice, well balanced shot 😊


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