Right here: the burdens of everyone’s grief.

Pleasanton, Nebraska
photographed 12.10.2020

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  1. Very POWERFUL Melinda .. especially in black and white.


    • Thank you, Frank. The instant I spotted the statue from the far side of the cemetery, I knew I wanted to photograph it. And I specifically wanted to make this image.

      But still…I wasn’t sure about posting it. For a while I thought it was too crass. Then I thought it was too grey. Then I wondered if it was too much of a cliche. (Overthinking: one of my hobbies. Apparently.)

      Your response, though, makes me know my worries were unfounded. And I am glad that it resonated with you.

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      • Likewise, the things I hesitate to post usually become the most popular. … can’t figure out why. Same with my art photography, the images I find not interesting sell the most.


      • I haven’t found a way to reliably predict what’ll be popular…

        Do you think your sales trend toward photos that are “easy” – the pretty ones, the ones that don’t require a lot of thought, the ones that are of common objects and/or common settings? That’s what I’ve observed with my own work. My favorite images are ones that are deeply meaningful to me (and are therefore more interesting), but the ones that sell are what I think are more cliched ones. Maybe it means that I am not doing a good job of conveying all those symbols and metaphors? Or maybe it means that people more happily part with their $$$ if it’s a happy image. I don’t know.


      • “Simple moments create big impact” Those are the words from my photojournalism mentor (who has the Pulitzer) that I keep forgetting. It is so true …. people resonate with simple moments that they relate to.


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