For various reasons (including, but not limited to) feeling like I’m I a rut, I headed over to the Corvette show, which is not thing I’d normally attend. And took some color photos while I was there. And – and this is a big one – put PEOPLE in the image. I wonder where all this will lead?

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 1.23.2021

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  1. I’m pretty sure there’s a country song that sums up this path you’re on 🤠


  2. Great shot. The little girls cowboy boots match the car!😀👍


    • I’d seen this family in the parking lot and sort of, maybe, followed them for a while. I was pretty sure I wasn’t leaving without a picture of that girl and her fantastic outfit (which I am 85% sure she picked out all by herself!). I was so happy to spot the yellow car and just giddy when they stopped right there!

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  3. With those yellow boots you didn’t really have a choice but to include the people with the car 😊


  4. I wonder where it will lead 🙂 Great shot!


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