What the Chamber of Commerce didn’t want you to see

I have a crush on downtown Littlefield: I will just go ahead and admit that right now. It’s got lots of empty buildings for me to photograph and I never get tired of looking at them.

But for all the times I’ve been there, I only just now noticed that from a certain angle you can see right through a pair of glassless windows and get a nice view of the Chamber of Commerce. It sort of sums up the whole town.

Littlefield, Texas
photographed 2.28.2021

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  1. Looks like you’d best not step over that threshold….looks a bit unsafe underfoot……


  2. It must be intriguing. Why are so many empty?


    • Like a lot of small towns in this part of Texas, it’s really struggling. Farming (the main part of the economy) has changed and requires fewer people. Other industries haven’t really been able to make a go of it; Littlefield used to have a denim mill, but it’s closed. It’s just 40 miles from Lubbock, which is an easy drive for shopping and medical appointments.


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