on and on (for many a year)

Believe it or not, this row of mailboxes presented such a compelling photographic vision that I made a u-turn to get back to it.

This was at the end of a long day of wandering and photographing. The day started out slowly. Nothing seemed to want to be a photograph. The things I saw at first were too new and shiny to be of interest. There was too much traffic to make sudden stops and/or u-turns safe alternatives.  But eventually, I hit my stride (not coincidentally that happened when I started turning down any road that was less travelled than the one I was currently on) and suddenly a day’s worth of images were right there in front of me. Everything seemed like it was worthy of my lens: it was the best of days.

Hays County, Texas
photographed 4.18.2021

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  1. I guess these are used by disparate dwellings and are there for the convenience of the mail man. But why are planted in buckets? Will they grow?


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