Remembering John

“Come in! Come on in! Don’t be bashful!” -what the very exuberant gentleman at St. Joseph’s Chapel said to me as I was trying to stealthily photograph the chapel’s foyer. So I did come on in. I sort of had to at that point, right?

North End
photographed 9.5.2021

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  1. Interesting viewpoint, and story telling image, Melinda. Black and white makes this even stronger. Good job!


    • Thank you, Frank. When I was in Boston, I took a photo class that required the use of only one lens – a 50mm. I almost always shoot with a 28mm, so it was good practice. And because I decided to go all in with the 50mm, I didn’t even take another lens on the trip. And I think this shot really benefitted from that decision…

      Glad you like it.

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