being alone is all the hills can do

Sometimes the links that my brain forges between a photograph and a song are obscure, at best. Other times, they are painfully obvious.

This time it was “bein’ alone is all the hills can do” – from the song “Flying Shoes” by the amazingly talented Townes Van Zandt. I think this time the song selection was both of those things. OF COURSE I thought of “Flying Shoes” (who wouldn’t think of it?) but the exact line and its connection to the scene are a little more…fragile. Sort of like Townes was.

I took this photo while on a recent trip with Keith Skelton’s California Photography Workshops and Tours; we spent a fantastic few days shooting around the Salton Sea. And many thanks to Keith for his work as my photo assistant and shoe tosser.

Slab City, California
photographed 2.11.2022

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  1. Great image, and musical taste. First look I didn’t realise the foreground and trees were festooned with shoes.


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