three random words

I mean, the locals know what this sign refers to. And so do I.

But it is more amusing to think about it as just three random words, doubly stated, along a highway. (Yes: I AM easily amused.)

near Cisco, Texas
photographed 8.7.2022

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  1. We were down in Colorado City over Labor Day weekend visiting my parents. The Gas’n Grub had a sign “We have deer corn”… I was like “What is that?” Thinking it was a seasonal treat or some thing along those lines (a west Texas pumpkin spice kind of thing)… The clerk looked at me and asked her mom “how do you explain deer corn?” (Barely leaving off “… to these idiot city folk”, I’m sure).

    Turns out you can bait deer in Texas.

    Seems it’s not a seasonal treat for anyone, especially the deer! 🙂


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