My workflow is probably weird. But it works. What I do is edit the photos a couple of weeks out from the day they’ll post. I give them a title, and start the blog post. Then closer to time, I’ll write whatever I think needs to be said.

When I saw a post that I had titled “Sisters” I didn’t have the faintest recollection of what the photo was. I am not in contact with my own sister, so the topic isn’t exactly something that I talk about or photograph or anything like that. And I was temporarily confused.

And then, when I looked at the photo, I remembered that I’d found a little part of this cemetery that was dedicated to deceased nuns from the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur. That made a LOT more sense. (By the way, the Sisters of Namur were established in Namur, Belguim, and have had a presence in Fort Worth since 1873.)

Oakwood Cemetery
Fort Worth, Texas
photographed 12.24.2022

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